Customized solutions

Co-design products for special applications

Integrated Parking Cooler, battery-based Idle Free

General Cab has engineered in co-design two or three fans modules used also for night cooling of trucks cabin. These products work with a Power Module, PWM type, that dialogues with the on-board ECU in order to control motorfans rotation speed and of course, to change “on demand” the cooling performances requested for passengers comfort.

EMC filtered compliant to MIL standard

General Cab high performance axial motor fan dedicated to military vehicles, suitable for applications with a high requirement about Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC filtered), with MIL standards, complying with the most severe US Army standards. General Cab electric motor developed in-house with full iron casing, IP68 protected, very long durability, easy customization thanks to external non-functional cap. Appropriate for high-end complementary engine cooling, transmission oil cooling, air charger ventilation.

Gear box oil fan cooling ventilation

General Cab harsh applications high power electric motor, IP68, dedicated to LCV / HCV, automatic gear box oil fan cooling ventilation, used also on big trucks. Very long durability. Quiet operation. Appropriate also for high-end HVAC systems, air conditioning, refrigeration.