IAA 2018 - Hannover

 IAA Hannover 2016 - General Cab Group

General Cab Group will take part at the IAA 2018 Hannover Messe - Commercial Vehicles 2018 Our focus is to present GC latest innovations dedicated to OEM applications potential customers, Technical Directors and Purchasing Managers of leading vehicles manufacturers, inclusive trucks, buses, refrigerated vehicles, cranes, special vans, HCV, LCV, HVAC, a/c, oil engine turbo charger cooling, hydraulics ventilation. GC Customers are especially interested in sophisticated IPC - Integrated Parking Cooler solutions with exclusive new integrated power module PWM type. General Cab Group welcome all booth Guests, See you soon! General Cab solutions delivers the latest design for high performance axial motor fans and centrifugal blowers also with 8V, 12V, 24, 48V, 80V, 100V DC electric motors, completely designed and manufactured by GC.
Thank you to all General Cab Group Guests, See you soon!

With its broad spectrum the IAA provides a comprehensive overview of the international commercial vehicle industry:


  1. Trucks and truck tractor
  2. Light commercial vehicles
  3. Buses
  4. Special motor vehicles
  5. Trailers, bodies and containers for vehicles and systems
  6. Vehicle interior – Fixtures and Equipment
  7. Parts and accessories
  8. Transport logistics
  9. Equipment used for servicing, repair and maintenance of products
  10. Professional literature and periodicals
  11. Organizations and corporations related to road motor vehicle technology, motor vehicle traffic or transportation business
  12. Model cars
  13. Services
  14. E-Mobility
  15. Specialist Events and Special shows (e.g. Test drives, vintage vehicles)












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